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2016-01-30 KrZy8 Washed And Waxed



2016-01-30 KrZy8 Washed And Waxed

Who would think that with 198,820 miles on the odo... living on a dirt road.. Commuting in salt air from the Pacific ocean.. that this bike, a 2006 Yamaha FJR1300,  would still look so good? Never down. Not once. Knock on wood.

..and Yes, that IS a 1979 KZ1300 oil filter in the pan below the table...

The lower nose cowling has paint worn off from the dirt road gravel...

..and the top case.. was TwoWheelNut's, Tim.. and no matter how ragged, it will always be on KrZy8 or Wabs.

I know, you WANT this bike. Too bad. She's mine. NOT for sale. We have waaay too many miles to go..

I mean, she is freaking GORGEOUS!

I know every connector, every fastener, every rivnut, every strong and weak point on her.

The Aux Tank has a broken baffle which I need to fix.. but for now, it's all good.

Tim's last name was Bates. The CARP sticker is for Carpenteria, CA where Tim lived. And the FYYFF is for you, my friend!

The evolution of KrZ8. First aux lights were Soltek Fuego HID's. Two broken subframes later... Clearwater LED's.

The moniker 'KrZy8' comes from the license plate. Check out the '8'. It's upside down.

Cockpit view. Many hours.. Many hours.. Not bad for a CandyButt guy.

I'm very happy with this bike. She owes me phucking NOTHING! And, in two days, she will go bash the 200k mile mark.. although she does have a replacement engine due to an error by a tech to not plug the airbox after intalling non-CA lower cowlings thus allowing dirty air into the intake downstream of the filter. 

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