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2016-02-08 200k Miles on KrZy8


So then... Finally. 200k miles on KrZy8, a 2006 FJR. Second engine, so not a purist 200k. Still, allot of seat time and smiles for miles.

As luck would not have it, she hit the mark while commuting home from work and not some glorious fab ride.

No, not yet.. still 6 miles short. Avila Bay, CA. 75 degrees F. 

That odo needs to read 140,470 to equal 200k. This is the third odo. The first one recalled. The second one Bambi got. Clock NOT reset to daylight savings.

I know, such a tease.. Harford Pier.

OK then, here it is, finally, 200k. And I got to say  this gurl has many more miles to run, she's running better now than she has, perhaps, ever.

Looking back, at all the issues, e.g. Bambi strike, low volts charging, low compression in cyl 1, head gasket replacement to find out she's bleeding water into cyl 1, replacement engine sponsored by Fairlaner and supported by FjRay and KaitsDad.... 

Very appreciative of the FjrForum community.

Well done.

Now then, 300k?

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