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2016-06-20 Horns Wired-Tach Drive Gear Leak Fixed


2016-06-20 Horns Wired-Tach Drive Gear Leak Fixed

Had a slight leak where the tachometer cable connects to the head.

The geared driveshaft has ridges on it from wear. I'll order a new one, they are still available for around $44. In the meantime here is my fix.

I should have taken a before picture. This looks a lot better. The part in the middle is a seal.

Here is the kit that I used.

Also fixed the bad fan switch wiring. Used a water proof butt splice connector.

Next up is wiring the horns. This took some time but turned out reasonably well.

From ten ften feet away it's hard to see the wiring at all.

Here's the right-hand side.

Today was a very hot day, over 100°F. When at idle, the temperature gauge made it up to the hot zone, the red zone.
But it did not go further than that. This is significantly better than before the CarverBurp.

Putting a fan in front for cooling, she cooled down to 75% scale. be continued

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