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2016-06-25 Dad Headstone -Dancing With Porsches

2016-06-25 Dad Headstone -Dancing With Porsche

Needed to pickup Dad's headstone in Santa Barbara, CA. After calling to get the size and weight, figured out it would fit good on top of the Aux gas tank. So KrZy8 and me went for a ride.

The ride started with breakfast in Atascadero, CA. Cute waitress. Nice butt.

They even have good art on the walls.

The place.

Southbound on 101 just past Avila Beach.

Over 154, Cachuma pass.

The damn. Not much water.

The CA drought is NOT over.

Looking at Santa Barbara from San Marcos pass road.

Fun road.

Interesting rock formation.

Definitely in the high rent zone.

Stopped at Santa Barbara Monumental to pick up the headstone. Met my cousin Patti at the local MickeyD's. Patti is hot..

Just north of Santa Barbara found the last remnants of the Refuigio Beach fire. It was cool and foggy. Nice.

Ran across a bunch of bathtubs. I don't get the fascination. Later, I would get to play with modern Porsches on the 229.

The driver looks OEM authentic, just sayin'.

No suitcase. Must be a bachelor.

After an exhausting ride, stopped to get some deeee-licious ribs at G-Brothers in San Luis Obispo.

Now the fun starts! Turning onto 229 from 58, a string of Porsches. Hmm, do I let them ALL go or do I go play? PLAY!

They were all running a fast pace. The guy ahead of me was drifting out of corners by 6 or so inches. Me, I was taking pictures and a movie.

I had to be careful in a handful of corners that are dirty. Cars don't care about dirt. The driver behind me was Boss. He gave me distance each time I triple brake flashed him. It's not often cage drivers get the message but these peeps are sporting breed. When oncoming traffic appeared, they all hung tight right and stuck there left arm out the window to let the other drivers following know of the encroaching car.


Playing with Porsches on 229 from dcarver220b on Vimeo.

This video is about Untitled Project

Here's Dad's headstone. It turned out nice. The bottom two lines are the prayer he said before each meal.

The route.

The end.

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