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2016-07-05 Jon - Creston To Gualala


2016-07-05 Jon - Creston To Gualala

My nephew, Jon, has had a rough row in life. I'll not disclose his issues here, not appropriate. But he did ask me to attend his 'commitment' ceremony to a gal he loves. So I will ride to the PNW and support.

KrZy8 has been running Great, although she does have an interesting sound coming from the cam chain, upper side. It's very noticeable at idle, but goes away at about 1,500 rpm. Nevertheless, I will ride.

The route.


Leaving the dry and sunny Hondarosa.

First stop, get some cash. I like to take pix of my local hood. Later, I can see how things changed.

ON the way to Morro Bay. My ride plan is simple. Head west. Hit the ocean, turn right. Ride and ride some more. Even I get this.

When in Morro Bay, eat here. Good food, home-made.

Kitty's has been here for a very long time. The waiter said he first remembered eating here in 1957!


I work at Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. These stacks belong to an oil/gas burner once owned by PG&E in Morro Bay, CA. The plant is closed. As will be Diablo in 2014 and 2015. Nuclear is a huge mix in the carbon free world. But no one realizes it here, yet, in the USA.

Yes, people actually went underwater in this thing.

Another view of Morro rock.

Piedrs Blancas light house, IIRC.

A lot of road construction going on. It appears they're moving the road to the east and straightening it out.  Not good for Moto bike rider.

Beautiful views.

Did I mention a lot of road construction?

A very popular state park. Good luck on getting reservations..

At Moss Landing, I met my friend John W. He is a free-spirited person. Travelled the world, and a good man. Hard worker too.
Known to his friends as 'Farmer John'.

As I narrate these pictures it is now three days later.  And I don't recognize where this was. That is sad. But the flights are nice.

I let GPS route me through the Bay area. It was 880 to 580 to something-something. No matter how you cut it bay area traffic sucks.  This is the arena where the Warriors also sucked...

This bridge cost me $5 to cross.

I do not know what this bridges called. It is not the Golden State though..

Petulama, Calif. The SEED bank. LOL. 

My observation is the farther north you go the better it gets.

This is my miserable failure trying to get a post office for Reno John and his big money rally.

Jenner by the sea, he used to go by a different name, Kaitlyn.  Figure it out. 

Truly delightful roads.

I had realized that I slept in too late, in the lunch with John was putting me behind schedule for my arrival in Gualala California. With the twisty road ahead I had absolutely no choice, but to twist up the throttle, reduce the miles per gallon, an increase this miles per miles.

This rider ahead of me, was something else. All over the road and not very much in control.

Where the tarmac meets the sea.

I finally arrive in Gualala California. A restaurant that I really liked called Bones is no longer in business. So I settled here for the pizzeria uppercrust. The pizza was excellent!

Gualala is a very small surf Town..

I must've taken 30 pictures of the sunset. But I like this one the best.

This is the backside of the hotel. To me, it looks like it used to be a house that they simply added onto to make it a complete hotel. My room was the third window till left.

Southward view. 

Good night.

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