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2016-07-07_Jon_Eureka To Reedsport

The route.

So then, day 3 on the road. Eureka To Reedsport

Look who showed up! WhatsDaMattU, can't see him?

OK, here's the dude! FarWestFastEddie

and your's truly..

I like this Best Western.. it's reasonably priced has a wonderful pools and hot tub.. and is right next door to a great restaiurant, Kristina's.

Heading north again.. into the fog and cool weather. I've had the WarmNSafe cranked to 9 most of the way, especially since wearing ventilated CyclePort gear. I have noticed a slight alternator output drop.. what used to be 14.2 is now 13.9. No worries, I have spare parts at home!

I gotta find some new Rx glasses instead of work safety glasses.. I can't read the gps no mo...

Check out the fog on the hill..

I'm just sain' we don't see this in Creston, CA!

Uhh, yeah, Right. Did not see 1 Elkie. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

Welcome to Orick!

An amazing lack of traffic.

Check out the bears. Los Osos CA has similar golden bears as you enter town too.

River shot.

I thought this was Jerry's Rogue Boat tour.. but noooo..


Riding the coast is simply beautiful.

It's hard to think that just 2 days ago or so I was in dry, brown, parched country.

As i age, I start to think of retirement places.. and I think I like green more than brown now..

Heading to Crescent City.

The best truck drivers in the world or NoCal and PNW truck loggers. This guy was hauling ass and doing it safely. Using every inch of his lane yet never crossing the center line.

I decided to get a closer look.

..and even closer! Check out the growth rings.

Pee break!

Hw did they they get this boat here?

Another small town with native American influence.

And this is Morro Bay Rock, junior!

Finally, into Oregon!

These are the drivers you have to worry about when motoBiking.. Inconsistent speed, all over the lane, and as I went by, the driver was smoking a big fattie.


Stopped here for some clam chowdah!


Yes, that's a real boat coming into port.

The bridge in the background is 101.

A shot of KrZy8!

Crossing might Rogue river..

By now, I'm getting tired and thinking of where to stay for the night... but I still have a ways to go. The goal was Newport, then head east to Corvallis.

HumBug Park.. Always a favorite stop in the RV.


Oregon is a different place... Just Sayin'...

See what I mean?

This pix for Ray Bishop!

The Paradise Cafe. Ate here the last time through. Really good food. Just fyi..

I notice that almost all buildings are wood and not metal. I mean DOH, but hadn't thought about it until now.

Flying the flag with pride.

Where am I? That's right, Coos Bay, Oregon.

There was a very large ship from China.  it looked like it was loading these woodchips.

 Each coastal community town has its very own identity in characteristic.

The bridge architecture up here is stunningly beautiful

Notice the rotating bridge in the foreground allowing ships to pass.

Sand dunes. I tend to think of Oregon as ultra earthy yet they (thumbs up) allow ATV's in the dunes.

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