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2016-07-08 Jon_ Reedsport to Keizer

2016-07-08 Reedsport to Keizer

The route.

Yesterday was hoping to make it all the way to Newport Oregon. But my back was hurting and as I approached Reedsport I saw a best Western, the liquor store, and a Subway sandwich store. So I stopped.

Then it started raining! WTFO? July? 

I suddenly realized I did not have my rain boots. All I have we're my ventilated summer boots. Ok then, the toes will get wet today. The weather report says rain was coming in hard at 9:45 AM. I left at 9:30 in a hard drizzle /  light rain.

This is where it got to be very interesting. The Audiovox cruise control decided to automatically, all by itself, energize and set. The set speed was approximately 92 mph. Tapping the brakes would kill the set, but then it would automatically reset. I discovered that if I pressed the off button, the LED indicating power would briefly extinguish immediately illuminate. Crap.

I stopped here to try to figure it out. I did not install so I don't really know the circuit. I am pretty sure the only way to disable it is to remove the gas tank, the cross T and unplug the servomotor. In other words not something I can do on the side of the road. I decided to press on.

Fortunately, the rain stopped, and miraculously the cruise control healed itself. Of course the next rain the symptoms came back.

Does anybody other than me see something wrong with this?

This is view isn't too bad.


Interesting do-it-yourself architecture.

With the weather improving I broke out the camera and took some pictures.

Yep, thats me!

It was the first time it's rained in awhile. There were even signs stating 'high fire danger'. Had to giggle on that one. 

Check out the green!

Old logging mills, the smell of fresh rain, a working cruise control.. All is good!

This trip has been wonderful due to a lack of traffic and open roads.

This is my friend Wayne. He was my brother's best friend. Then my Dad's best friend. Wayne has bone cancer and won't be with us long. This helps solidify my decision to retire ASAP so I can ride while I can and do what I can while I can. He's a good man.

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