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The route.

Today, Jon and Ramona have a 'commitment' ceremony declaring their undying love for each other. This is a big day for both. I am very happy for Jon and Ramona for finding each other.

Having not met almost everyone there, I don't have names, so the narrative will be brief.


The guy on the right was Jon's best man. The left most peep is Jon's roomate.

The Church peeps.

Roommate Eric, IIRC.

The ceremony took place at Jo Dodges place. She has been instrumental for Jon. She teaches drama, Jon was a student. Jo has known Jon for a very long time.

 Ramona's Mom.

One ugly mug.


Ramona's Dad.

I'm just waiting on my bride...

Holy Crap! I'm about to get married!

The minister was way coolio. I really liked her.

Here comes the bride!

OK then, this is one strange picture.

I think the guy is Ramona's brother.

Jon was very gracious and a good host. Well done, Jon, well done.



Always time for a selfie!

With lots of peeps taking pictures, which way do I look?

My favorite pix of Ramona. She's a pretty girl. Jon is a lucky feller.


What to wear to a wedding!

I like this picture. Both vows were handwritten and very touching.

Really, this pic should be deleted..

With this pic, for me the party is over. Time to start packing for the ride tomorrow to LaPine, Oregon.

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