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2016-07-12_Jon_Rays Garage

2016-07-12_Jon_ Rays Garage

The route.

Arrived in LaPine Oregon and my bud Ray's house. Ray is rebuilding my BMW R60 and R69s.

The R60 is farther along in the build than the 69S. The 60 will be a daily runner and will be left with mostly original patina. The frame was powder coated.. Too far gone to stay with patina.

Note to self - need new spark plug caps for both bikes.

The R60.

Check out the hand string wrapping on the loom by the generator. Yes. Generator.

As seen, alot of patina will continue to exist. Front fender, valve push tubes, spokes, rims. Engine parts that have been sanded and buffed will remain as-is. The wind deflectors on the Earles front forks were built by my late Uncle Dutch, which is the name of this bike.

6 volts of pure power...

Points and timing advancer..

The rocker covers were sand blasted and powder coated. They used to be polished. I plan to leave them like this.

Im very pleased with the progress. Ray and I discussed what parts will go back on the 60. Like the polished final drive.

New parts department.. That's the 69S engine.

This is the engine with a cracked cylinder after I tossed it away years ago. I have new cylinders and pistons. Yes, expensive.

I am pretty sure the generator on this one isn't working correctly.

Ouch. Need new rocker covers.

The flywheel looks good..

Simple  by design.

Original gas tank. The inside is perfect.

Hub caps for the 60. Sand and paint only. Spokes and rims with patina.

Wheel parts.

Ray actually had an original manual!

The super-duper BMW All-In-One tool!

Ray lives on a dirt road. He's the commissioner.

These crash bars are toast. So are the mufflers.

Ray, on the Spyder. AKA Tryke.

Brand new headlight nacelle for the 69S.


Muffler wings.

OEM speedo = $$$$

Gear ratio...

Shiny new gas cap..

...and seat..

Header pipe with cross-over.

Ray putting new to him tires on his 55 Ford.

I'll bet yah that Ray was a bad-ass back in the day... JSNS!


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