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2016-08-13 Sometime not Turning Over


Noticed at work last week. Hit starter button. Hear click. No crankshft revolution.

Today 2016-08-13

  1. Ceaned battery connections. Nope
  2. Replaced battery with older good battery. Nope.
  3. Called Brodie. Got part number for Brodie ignition relay from DigiKey (insert part number here later, dumb ass!)
  4. Cleaned grodie connector on Brodie relay.
  5. Determined old battery 2012, is POS. Put 'new' POS in place.
  6. Time will tell.
  7. For tonight, fuck it I'm done.


Chasing the intermittent click and/or slow cranking after multiple crank attempts

  • new ground cable from battery
  • cleaned battery terminals
  • cleaned ign relay terminals


  • Ignition relay audible, strong click with start button depression
  • after doing work above, so far no more 'click' with no starter motor action
  • still slow cranking if it should crank for more than 5 seconds or so or after repeated starting to simulate problem
  • starting to think it's the starter motor... crap


How many amps being pulled before and while starting, brother?

big G

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