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2016-08-18 Stuck Needle Valve


2016-08-18 Stuck Needle Valve

Ol' Blue recently has been running poorly. Stumbling off idle until approx 2500 RPM. Jesse at work suggested a stuck float. The carburetor on this 460 in.³ engine has two float bowls, front and rear.

Hmmm, I think I found the problem. Stuck in the off position. No idea why.  I recently had this carburetor rebuild. So all the parts are new. This is the second time now it's happened.  The first time was back in late 2015. If I recall correctly.

A close up picture.

Here's the needle valve assembly. I didn't realize it unscrews from the body. The marks on it are from me using pliers trying to move it out.

The needle and seat assembly.

Fortunately, however,I kept my parts from 2007 saw use one of the old valves from it.

Always save spare parts!

Ol Blue runs great again! Well, except she's running a bit rich I may have to readjust the float level.

The end for now.

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