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2016-08-25 Refurb Carb Installed


My friend Jessie at work,talked me into buying a refurbished carburetor for old blue. Summit racing. Approximately $345. The old carburetor, while better, still was not operating correctly. Hesitation off idle and worse, fuel starving at 70 when running uphill. It was also leaking past the fuel accelerator pump.

I found yet another use for a motorcycle lift. It's called an elevated work platform. smiley

This is the shiny refurbished carburetor.

And this is the OEM from 1984.

These pictures taken so I could remember how everything went back together.

I need to pull the metal tag off of the OEM and put it on the refurbished carburetor.

Looking into the belly of the beast.

Shiny and new.

Young Molly loves old blue. It is her truck.

Comparing numbers between the new and the old. I like the fact it was remanufactured just two months ago.

Old carburetor.

I am ready for fire in the hole. Literally. Take no chances and have fire extinguisher at the ready.

The only problem is the fuel vent bowl port. The hole was too small or the tube is too big. So for now a set of ear plugs to keep dirt out.

No pictures, but later I reduced the diameter of the tube.Now it fits into the vent hole.

A test run and she's great. No more hesitation off idle. No more leaking accelerator pump. No more feel starving 75 mph all running up hill.

Molly now has her truck back.


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