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2016-09-03 Alt Cover Leak Fixed


2016-09-03 Alt Cover Leak Fixed

The alternator stator cover, right hand side, has been leaking, even after a previous repair attempt using blue silicone. The leak rate is about a drip every 4 minutes. A big fat drip, at that.

Pretty easy to see why she's leaking. The rubber grommet is torn, nearly in half. Earlier in the week I had called Ricky's Stator to see if I can purchase a grommet. Their website shows a re-wound stator *with* grommet. The lady was way nice but failed on her promise to call me back with info.

Same pic, just farther out.

A shot of the flywheel.

..and, I'm leak free! So then, you ask, how the hell did I fix that without a new grommet? Good question. But it's my secret. If I tell you then you'ld know too.

Oh, OK. Here it is. This shit is magic. It comes out gooey, like a cross between the waterproof electrical tape (self vulcanizing) and tar. And sticky. I applied it to the grommet backside, on the case in the 'hollow' then filled the remaining void. Carefully reinstalled the cover and let it sit. Yep, the instructions say 1 minute.. I gave it more like 15 before starting the bike to drain the float bowls to call it a night. I still have not taken it off the side stand, but it looks really promising.

I'll update status later today.


The end.

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