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2016-08-28 Custom Rad Install


2016-08-28 Custom Rad Install

Ursula from Randy's Cycle and Restoration called to say the radiator was packed and ready to ship. Today it arrived!

Well packaged.

I wish I would have looked for real.. the drain petcock was included.. Found it AFTER I bought a new one, of course!

The new radiator, she's a thing of beauty.

The backside. Beautiful.

Fancy=shmancy radiator cap is a PITA to put on and take off so I used one from Napa. 13 psig.

The pattern radiator I bought from eBay... Fugly.

Remember the washers!

The old radiator coming off. Pix taken to remember hose clamp orientation.

Fitting the new readiator.

The only thing the rad maker didn't get perfect. Had to bend the grill a bit to clear the drain plug bung.

New radiator installed and looking good!

Same physical size. Great fit. Very well done by the builder. Approx cost 1k buck.


The end.


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