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2016-09-05 Coolant leak - base gasket, cylinder block to crankcase



Well, crap. Leak from base gasket. Not good. 

KZ1300 Kawasaki base gasket leak from dcarver220b on Vimeo.

Hated to do it,  but used Barrs stop leak, 1/2 bottle. Poured it right into my $1,000 custom made aluminum radiator. 

The leak has appeared to be sealed. First run at 30 minutes with varying rpm. Allowed to cool then repeated. 

The next day, another 30 minute run using the tranny as engine 'load'.

The leak is essentially gone. Only saw one small droplet and it dried immediately.

Not optimum. Hate to use stop leak. 

The plan is to run it, get some miles on the engine, then see if Ray is interested in one more rodeo...

Randy from Randy's Cycle Service and Restoration replied to my email and stated that the leak was from the water pump mechanical seal. There is a passage way from the water pump out through the block.

I'd not seen a block on the bench, so I followed up with Randy  and Ursulina. They were nice enough to send me some pix!

Thanks again to Ursulina and Randy!

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