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2016-09-10 KZ1300 Local Ride

2016-09-09 KZ1300 Local Ride - San Luis Obispo, Los Osos, Morro Bay, Templeton, home.

QuackQuack has nagging issues.

  • Oil leak from RHS stator; the rubber grommet is torn nearly in half. Leak from base cylinder gasket that later was identified as water pump seepage. Used 1/2 bottle of Barr's stop-leak and it seems to have worked.
  • Custom 1,000 dollar radiator installed.
  • New 13 psig radiator cap.
  • Fan relay repaired and working reliably.
  • Repaired the leaky petcock, or so I thought.. The leaky petcock caused gas to flood the crankcase. Sigh. All clean now and here we are.

Time for a test hit!

Ready to rock. Yes, she's a trailer queen. No dirt road for QuackQuack.

Made it to Los Osos, Ca. Creston --> Atascadero --> Los Osos. Arrived here to find a very oily wet left boot. Stator oil leak.

Morro Bay! 

This rider saw QuackQuack and did an immediate U-turn. Meet Brian L. Crow and his 1977 Honda Wing with NOS 77 engine, 16k on it now. He also fabricated the most coolio cover for the hack. Great guy and got to ride with him sometime later when QuackQuack is a proven machine!

Just had to snap this pic of the two very red machines. I like this pix.

The rig from another view. Love the tail fin...

Last pic. Up at the reservoir over Cayucous, CA.

Overall, a good run! She's still running hot, and stumbling above 6k on a 8k redline. Starting to wonder if I might have a cam one tooth out. This happened along time ago once... Ran great at lower rpm, missing on top, and running hot. IIRC, the cam timing mark from the factory was a bit off.

More later.



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