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2016-09-24 - Barry Local North County Ride


Barry is retired. Barry rides Wed and Saturday. This was a Saturday ride with the local yokels.

KrZy8 got a bath yesterday after gettting intake runner #2 properly installed onto the throttle body assembly. She's running GREAT!

The blue tape on the windshield is to support the LEO 'Thin Blue Line'.

The old pharts gang. They ride quicker than they walk, just sayin'..

Still don't have names down.. But David on the left, Barry on right.

Someone needs to help me out with names.

Bill on the right, Harley. Fella on left, KTM.

KTM be nimble, KTM be quick...!

Rider in red jacket likes to be up front... Yamaha Tenere. I think we hold him back most the time.... LOL.

River Road, north of Paso Robles.

Pumpkin farm! Haloween coming to a calendar date near you!

Used to race moto with Jeff Baxter of Whirlwind Excavating. His wife started this horsey thing. Looks like it's doing very well.

Indian Valley Road. We need water. Now.

Hey uhh, Barry, I gotta pee. Just ahead is a great pee-place.. Barry, Barry?

Ruh-Roh-Rollie. This ain't a good sign...

Slight delay on Peach Tree road.  About 30 minutes.

Pouring concrete. After the pour, steel plates re-installed. We will be here for a bit..

Oh yeah? Well, I passed that suckah so fast that... I just had to put my hands on my waist to believe  THAT story!

The smart ones hung out in the shade..

There is always one peep who parks in the middle of the darn road. Oh wait, that's me.. devil

The bikes are various.

I wonder if that jacket, being so worn, offers optimal protection?

Ron's favorite color is blue? Ron on the right.

Barry, the stud..

Barry the foto hound..

KrZy8 is running great now the intake is tight..

From the dry..

To the green fields of ag..

I don't mind using water for farming. Not for wine though. One is a luxury. One is for survival. 

Really good food here... Good choice Barry!

The rest of the gang got separated but in typical Barry style, got all the cats herded back up..

Check out that shrimp jumbo thingie!

Starting to get warm.. high 80's low 90's?

Barry and that darn ol' phone!

Uh-Huh, gonna ride now.. Gonna Ride Now..

Penton was before my time? Not really. Remember the Jack Pine? Or the Twingle?

Waiting for the big truck to pass..

2016-09-24BarryRideBridge from dcarver220b on Vimeo.

I think we were looking for Bill, the Harley Doode. He brought his own lunch.. I think he left us early. So hard to keep up.. wink

Helloooo, Barry? Let the stock broker take a day off for Chirst sake!

Ron's bike. He used to have an FJR. Not sure what happened. A 2007.

Last pic. Fallen tree. Must have just gone down. Just enough room to duck and go under. No way for a car. Peachy Canyon road, heading East into Paso Robels.

The end. Nice ride Barry!



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