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2016-09-21 AirboxRepair


So then, at Rueben Run 5, KrZy8's starter motor required replacement. Fortunately for me, good bud Ray was there to offer a lift and advice and hands to pull the tired motor and replace it. While there, we discovered the air box intake runner tubes were not the same length. RR here.

So we did our best to get things sealed up. But, after the air box re-installation, a strange honking noise, audible even through ear buds and XM radio. But only at one RPM band. Thinking on it, decided to ride it home, approx 900 miles, worry about it later.

Back home, pulled the box. Note the shape of runner 2 from left side.

More shots, no words needed.

Tube pulled out of box.

Yamaha used a pretty sticky adhesive, flexible, as it should be.

Orangie supervisors from Naomi, BeemerDon's 2013 FJR.

And leaves his paw prints as evidence.



Molly says, 'Where's that damn cat?'

The alignment is better, but not good.

Used grease to lube the runners. A mistake. To slippery. Will not stay on the FI body housing.

Greased the TB housing too.

When only two hands are available, make do with make with.

After 3 attempts and failures, (definition of insanity?) Removed grease, used Citrix cleaner as lube. It dries quickly, leaving adequate friction to keep the boots mounted while you get to the clamps.


This actually worked. But I bought a beautiful new airbox, complete, for 20 dollars from eBay. And the alignment is much better. Next time in, this box will be removed and hit the recycling can.

Hope this helps someone in the future.


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