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2016-12-11_Santa Margarita Pozo Creston


Don't have much time to devote so short and sweet on words.

For you snow-bound peeps.. This RR is for you.

Got KryZ8's starter relay replaced and decided to go ride instead of working on Naomi. The morning broke foggy, wet, gloomy and cold. This is later afternoon, heading south on El Camino Real into Santa Margarita, CA.

A quick  visual of Santa Margarita, just north of San Luis Obispo, CA. Heading east from 101.

Lumber yard.

Ancient Peaks winery. They bought my buds 100 acres for a cool million and set them up for life..

My other bud George owns 'Granada Farm's. I think he's hanging on thinking someday the property will be worth BILLIONS!


Rustic Lumbe yard. He makes coolio stuff.

Antique mall.

Artist den.

You can figure it out..

The Porch Cafe. Good food and WiFi. These two were headed towards 101 from 58W.

The Mercantile is one old building. It's original. Raw. Buy steak there. Get Beer.

SM Park.

Leaving town on Pozo Road.


Pioneers before us.

Stinking-water-consuming-good-for-nothing-wineries. Sucking our groundwater dry. Hate them. Drink whiskey, not wine.

Rinaconda, CA!

1 MILLION bucks in the safe. Try to crack it. I dare you.

On the way to Pozo Saloon.


I still don't know what this building was. Everytime I ride by, I wonder. Then I never research.


I'm out of time. Have to get ready for work. You're on your own, Pilgrim.

FAA radar station on Black Mountain.

Close to home. 229 aka dCarver's race track.

Longbranch, Creston CA. Good steak.

For Bustanut Joker.. Easy, big boi!

Almost home.

That's it. Gotta Go. By for now.


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