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2016-12-29 Tanji Because We Can


2016-12-29 Tanji - Because We Can

Every year wild man Dean Tanji hosts a RTE at the Far West Tavern now located in Orcutt, CA. Sounds good to me n' KrZy8 so off we go.

Bikes in the parking lot.

Liked this rider's bags..

Is that paint or some kind of wrap? Pretty coolio.

Bikes out front.

A Doofus in every crowd..

The gang. 29 I heard  Dean say. And on the back table, under the cow head... back to you, hat on.. Recognize him?

I sat at this table of 3. Fun guys. Ojai and Santa Maria. Good tales. Instant friends.

And look who is walking by, ready to head south again? Its freaking SUPER TURBO DAVE! I can't begin to say how happy I am to see Dave again. Look at my stupid grin and happy face.

Turbo waxing eloquent about the first time we met, in Avila Beach, CA, 10 years ago, 2006.

Turbo is down to 134 pounds now, his voice is softer, but those eyes still have fire. What a guy. My hero.

Some of the late leavers. Lisa Landry is HOT! 

So good to  see TurboDave again. I got to head south and spend time with Dave.

The end.


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