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2016 Summary Rides Highlights


Hppants on started a thread of 2016 rides and memories. So I grabbed a glass o' Whiskey and went to task. 

Culling through the pix, my aha moment. It's not the scenery. It's not the bike. It's not me.

It's the humans.

That's a revelation. I've been known for being the lone wolf, the loner. And now I pine for humans? 
I blame the whiskey. What the fuck. It is what is.

Meet Wayne and Jean. Jean  took care of my Pops and became family. Wayne drove Dad every freaking day to see his wife in the old folks home. I haven't contacted W&J since I saw them last summer. I don't know if Wayne is still with us. 
Note to self. Don't let time pass for those with limited time.

Ray Slocomb got the 1979 KZ1300 restored and running. She has nagging issues like running hot but she's alive!

Let's talk about the peeps. I really like this ooompha of a man. He looks seriously bad ass, and he can be, but inside he's a TeddyBear. My bud, Ray.

Local hood ride. On this day, was in a dark mood. After the ride, all good. Like always.

Morro Bay campground, ran into this, ahh, unique fellow. Great guy. Wish I remembered his name. Note to self. Get phone numbers. Write it down. Don't let moments pass.


In the hood. Parkfield Cafe. RenoJohn, do you remember?

At Dean Tanji's December ride 'Because we Can'.. Guess who I found? My HERO, Sir TurboDave! That smile on my face is larger than ever. This guy is the real deal. Love you Turbo!

In Oregon,  on the road side. Art. Local. Love it.

Diverging tracks.. Realization I like trains.

My bud Ray. He puts up with my shit. 

Most on the forum these days don't know of Andrew or Tim. But some of us remember. An rejoice that we knew them. Andrew liked old barns.

In 2017, I need to get my Pops in the ground with Mom. Right now, Pops is in a box in the room as I type this. It has been a nightmare to get Kali permits to bury Dad with Mom.  

Ever been wet, cold, and the bike not running good? Here KrZy8's cruise control has decided to automagically set at 85+ and never, never, never ever release.

Back in the hood. Rinaconda.

Tim's tree. TwoWheelNut for noobies.

Peeps. This guy.. Has more life and fun than most anyone I've ever known. Once again, everyting distills to peeps in your life. How many good ones do you have? 

My deceased brothers son, with certain, ah, challenges, found the right woman and wonderful person. I was honored to attend their committment ceremony. Since Jon and Ramona found each other, life is magical.

Because old building have soul, I stop. And peek in. And talk to the owners. And learn. I love to learn. Teach me.

Yeah, teach me how flip the bird correctly! My Uncle Dutch always gave the 1 fingered salute. Now that my hands are crippled up, I too give a true Uncle Dutch salute!

The Kz1300 puking her guts out. But she did get me home. Gotta figure out why she runs so hot.

Isn't it horrible when someone who has been so wonderful to your family, in this case my Dad.. and I can't recall her name. She works at the old folks home where Dad stayed.. Rebecca?

Two of the coolest humans I know.

Finally, getting closer to having Pops back with Mom.


Hey Pant's, thanks for the thread.  Great idea mi amigo. Hope to ride with you some day. Let's make it happen before time passes for us too.



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