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2017-01-14 Bad Regulator Rectifier



2017-01-14 Bad Regulator Rectifier

11.2 volts is where an FJR will no longer run.

When the volts droop, performance on throttle decreases, the ABS light will come on and then it just won't run. I made it home, barely. KrZy8 literally quit running right after she got on the lift. Thank You, KrZy8!

First things first, charge battery back up. Then troubleshoot.

Stator voltage ~70 VAC at 4k rpm, ohmed out good too. Volts out of RR connector = NFG. The smoking gun.

Kind of a PITA to remove on a 2006 Gen2. I actually pulled the rear tire, LHS shifter assembly, and the mud flap too.

Long of short, (ha!) I just happened to have a new RR in stock. Works great. Good to see 14.1 VDC again. Next step, take her out for a ride to see if adding engine heat brings the problem back.

There you have it. 11.2 VDC an FJR won't run no moh. Just in case you happen to be sitting around a campfire with a bunch o FJR peeps and question comes up, you'll have the answer. Of course, you'll have to prove it on your FJR to everyone there....



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