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2017-01-16 N north County Ride - New RR


Well, KrZy8 fried the RR on this ride...

Replaced the RR here...

And then it's time to test ride the RR and put some load on it. Was it really RR? Or the stator failing under load with heat?

Off on some back roads..

Like this picture. Ranch owned by a guy who know how to hold'em, know how to fold'em...

River crossing. No water today.

Uh Huh.

Naciamento Lake. 45% full! Great news! The rain has been good this year, and we are all grateful.

Another view..
You folks with water just can not understand how big this picture is...
We have been in drought so long. Yet the stupid ass idiot local officials are already spilling water while the levels are less than 40%?

I have always liked this little old ranch house. NO, I won't bite to buy it.

Yet, somehow, it's very attractive to me. Must resist. What was the phone number again?

The Bee Rock Store. The owners's name is Keith. He got tired of being a slave to the store. It's like having animals on your ranch/property. You have to feed the beast. Keith got tired of feeding the beast.

Lake San Antonio entrance. Still closed. With recent rains, water levels are up 18%. Local news showed video of new upper levels and what was, evidintely, old footage with the gates open. Nope. Talked with armed ranger... Maybe Memorial Day weekend opening at best.

Had to laugh at circumstances.. Just took a pee on an oak tree and Ranger Rick showed up, in an apparent hurry. Vroom Vroom. 
'Hey, how you doing?' says I.
'Pretty good' says Ranger Rick

RangerRick, all of 34 years old, maybe, evaluates me and deterimines I am not a threat.

"What are you doing here?" asks Ranger Rick...

I can't stop myself. I say "I am trying to break into the campground and steal free electricity and water while I evade the aliens."

Fortunately, RR has a good sense of humor and we have a wonderful LEO discussion of what happens in a public park. Intersting stuff, really. 

RangerRick open the secret lock and went into the park.

NO, he would not let me in. BASTARD!

So I turned around, tail in legs and continued the ride


The farther north one goes, the stronger the river runs.


Detoured into Bradely, CA. You would not go there if 'passing through'. To bad for you.

To my surprise.. The El Camino I used to own. At one time I had 3 of these.. trying to make one good one. After 3 years of work.. Good Bye.. 

Bradely has alot of neat old cars and trucks..

Old dozers too.

See what I mean?

I like funky old towns.



East out Bradley on Hare Canyon Road.

Nice stuff.

dCarver. Circa 2017. Still riding, all of everything included..

Narrow roads in the county don't meet minimum CA standards.. So no center stripes.


Lonely oak tree in meadow..

Here is where I was..

..and where all the neighbors are..

I have never seen water in this tributary.. Yet evidence is there..

The dry-farming farmers will have a good year. It is about time.

Final Pix, heading home.

Oh, the new RR did great. But I think I might throw a stator in place.. While I have 14.2 at idle, the system is not carrying load like it used to.




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