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2016-01-13 Atk Back From HPCC



2016-01-13 Atk Back From HPCC

The ATK had been at Hidden Power Cycle Clinic for almost 1 year. I was in no hurry, and Ivan gives me a price break for letting these projects be 'fill-in' work as time allows. For me, it's also good. I am out of storage room. 

Ivan is the only person I let work on my motobikes alone. Yes, he IS that good.

Little Miss MollyB in HER truck!

Ivan, the fearless one, rides the ramp like a BOSS!

AtkRampRide from dcarver220b on Vimeo.

Loaded up and ready to head home. Yep. Old bike. Old truck. Old Man. Trifecta!

New rims, new spokes, chain, sprockets, relocation of rear brake hydraulic reservoir, oil leak fix, carb disassembly and clean.

1984 Ford F250, 1987 ATK. Both still with just one owner! You can barely read the decal now, but it says SCC Racing. Slo City Cycles!

Up on the lift for a few minor tweaks. The chain, for example, doesn't get adjusted like a normal bike due to the anti-torque configuration that Horst Leitner designed and built.

Sunset shot! Yz490 gas tank. CR250 cartridge fork. Cal Fab swingarm. Honda Cr500 rear disc brake.

Artsy-Fartsy shot.

Need side plates, will have to build from scratch, and a speedometer and odometer too.
New chain guide with parts availability too. The guide 'slider' is currently made out of an old plastic water barrel.

Well, that's it! The old gurl is home. Raced moto with this bike 1987 until 1991. This engine is tired, real tired, smokes like a chimney on first start. 
That's ok, I have a fresh rebuilt ready to go in...

That's all, folks!



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