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2017-01-25 Honda Car Icy Road


Hiway 101, south end of Atascadero, 80 mph, hit ice. Little Honda car starts skating.. Dancing almost. Light on the wheel.

I can save it..

No, it's gone. We are now along for the ride.

Car went right 2 and 8, then to 10 and 4 sideways left from slow lane across center hiway into fast lane and ended up at 9 and 4 facing southbound traffic and heading north 3 feet from the jersey barrier. Tires SCREECHING. Did NOT let go of coffee cup. :)


Wish I had airbags.
This is going to make a mess, CHP, traffic, KSBY news.

At least if I hit it will be on passenger side.. lots of metal to bend before it gets me.

I wonder if it will start?|
I wonder if I'll get stuck in the mud in grass of emergency lane?
Hey, it started!

Can I make a U-turn on the highway?
Hey, my tires go thunk-thump--thunk.

Jeesh. Hours from my 60th birthday and I almost die?

Well, let's get going.

My skid marks at about 14 seconds. By far the longest I've EVER been sideways.

IcyRoad from dcarver220b on Vimeo.

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