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2017-02-04 Wet Local Ride


2017-02-04  Wet Local Ride

The AlCarver dirt road is a mess. So the FJR takes a nap and Wabs is first bike in rotation.

Hiway 41 between Atascadero and the coast is closed due to landslides. Thought I'd see how far I could get.. you know, maybe sneak on through somehow since I'm the intrepid Wabs rider?

The creek paralleling hiway 41 has water!


Getting closer to the road closure. 

There it is. I tried to talk the man into letting me go further but no way. No how.

This guy, Michael, has a window washing service and uses rebuilt old trucks as his shop logo. These trucks available if you want a franchise..

Numerous big trucks carrying dirt from the landslide to this pile..

This guy has a fun property.

Look closely, the one lizard is eating a surfboard..

Old Creek road, heading to Cambria, CA.

I am fearless. I did NOT turn around. I know, I'm your new hero, yes?

2015-02-04 WabsWaterCrossing from dcarver220b on Vimeo.

Barns. Still like them and still remember Andrew.

This is a working barn.


A perfect DL650 back road. Choppy, pot holed, a little mud.

It started raining on me and I had no suit. DumbAss got wet.

I had intended this to be ride to nowhere with all day to do it. Then decided that was too much work. So I just CBA'd my journey.

The hat says Monterey County Sheriff.

I have to get full knobbies on Wabs. The dirt road and several sections on this day ride were scary sketchy.

This central Cali coast, not Ireland!


This does not look like much, but whatever the county put down is slippery as snot.

Old Creek road ends at the east side of Cambria and is where I found one of many celebrity cows. There are perhaps 50 or so cows now around the county, painted by local artists or group organizations. Later, they will be sold with profits going to women shelters and other deserving organizations.

A glimpse of Cambria.

Lighthouse lens.

Along the coast now to Cayucos.

Look how full the reservoir is!

Heading north again to hook up with 46. Reservoir road.

What better way than...

to end the ride on Rossi's Road then back to the Hondarosa?

Thanks for riding along.. So long for now...



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