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2017-02-12 Local Green Ride on Wabs, a DL650A


California has finally had a very wet winter. The water is appreciated. But, I can't get most of my motorbikes to the pavement. Today, I can. Today, I will. My choice is Wabs, a DL650A, 2007. 

So the road never looks bad when one has time to one-hand a camera. This is the county maintained part of the road. It's coolio. Getting to this part, not so much fun. I have ordered full knobbies for the DL. The FJR's ain't happening until later..

Atascadero creek feeds into the Salinas river. A house on the creek has been  condemned.  
I was going to take a picture but the elderly home owners were actually in the eviction process and I could not take, as a good human, a picture of their misery.

When I left the Hondarosa it was dry and summer. Atascadero town was cold and foggy.

OK, I know, I know. Most of all ya'lls have got ponds and stuff but for us in Kali? Yeah, it's picture time. QuackQuack.

I found a dirt road I've not been on before! Now then, where the hell was it? Oh yeah, by the family nursery by the right hand corner with Jaguar buried in the hill.
Hah! I know where it is, do you?

By Senior Sanchos in Paso Robles, on Creston road, found this fun sign. Just had to spend the coin and take a pix...

Wineries. Hate them. Drink whiskey, folks. Or wine NOT from central Kali coast. We still are in 'severe' drought and this vines drink a LOT of water.

Hah! Yet another obstacle to be overcome by dCarver and the intrepid DL650 Wabs!~

Uh, yeah. Ok. So what! I took the detour to the right. Sue me.

Bitterwater road, heading south off of hiway 41, east of Paso Robles by ~15 to 20 miles.

Gillis Canyon runs this way. Someday, on the ATK, or a more dirty dirt bike.. It's funny, you know. One of my 'bucket list' rides is right freaking here and I've not done it YET!

This is really DL650 Suzuki country. Bumpy, pot-holed, kinda nasty. An FJR can do it sure.. but it's nicer on a DL. Sorry FJR peeps.

This is interesting too. Someday, I'm gonna head left just to see what's out there. Not today though, I need to get home, cut firewood, get ready for work tomorrow. Some of us, BugNatr, still have to work!

The sweet Dl650 aka Wabs. TwoWheelNuts ride. Almost 70k on the clock. Sure. Wabs does NOTHING great. But she does alot OK. And..., she is cheap to keep.
Wabs stays in the stable, for sure. She's coolio.

My camera is a POS point and shoot. And I don't have formal training, and I'm lazy. I hate getting of the bike for picture. But some times I have to pee..

So fun to see all this green.


Bitterwater road has been improved! The county came through and re-surfaced the worst areas.. no more unplanned wheelies.

Cows on the hillside. Used to see pronghorn antelope, but rarely now. I blame the damned wineries.

Someday, I'm going to put together a 'riding selfie' of me aging through the years. Geesh. Check out the right hand side nose hair. 

The nice thing about a lighter bike is it's soo much easier to turn around for a pic..

Yeah. I know. Sucks to be riding in February, yes?

Take that, you snow-bound cheap-living non-Kali peeps! 

Wild flowers should be good this year!


For years, on hiway 58, someone(s) has kept this alive.. Christmas, Hanukah, Easter.. I bet they drink. Just sayin', Nuff Said! 


So then. Siriux XM rocking the ear buds. Still feeling good. In the 4th hour of HillBillyJim.. a interview with Otis Redding's son

I said FREE RANGE asswipe motobike rider!

But NO SMOKING on this farm!

Hall of Shame. I chickened out of crossing this puddle because..
when  a Ford F350 went through, the water was over the TOP of the hubcap and the truck was huckabucking through. 
Let's quickly evaluate: Bad knee, old  man, alone on a ride.
Officially old now. 
But DRY and HAPPY and HOME!

For my buds the Stephens family. They used to own this place then sold and moved to northern Idaho. They wanted pics..




They sold to a winery, of all the damned things. Of course, if a winery offers me the $$$... I'm outa here too!




On 58 west, saw a stranded rider, a black man, oooh, a BLACK rider, stranded. Hyabusa 1300. He waved as I rode by. It was hard to tell if he was OK or not, no thumbs up or down to indicate status, but a rider waver. I turned around to see what up and met him. I don't want to sound racist, but in these necks of the country, one RARELY sees peeps of color and STRANDED too. So I turned around and met ED. ED is a GREAT guy and a full-on motobike rider. We talked for over 45 minutes of family, riding, life experiences, and the coolioness of riding. 

I swear, this man is my black brother. Both our parents are from deep south Arkansas. Both of us are into education, have strong interests in farming, dirt bikes, fast sport bike riding.
Who would have thunk  that a simple-assed turn-around to see if a rider was OK would lead to that? I should have gotten a phone number.. but I do know where he works, so I'll continue pulling this thread later....

On the turn-around to meet Ed, saw this one who 'failed to negotiate' the corner!

Close to home.. Have top ride Rossi's hiway...

Yeah, Baby. Yeah.

..and for Bustanut.. Wonder where that guy is these days? Anyone know?

Well, that's it! Thanks for riding along... 



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