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2017-03-04 MowieMowie Coils Starter


2017-03-04 New coils and starter work

MowieMowie was making grinding starter noises and then quit running after about 15 minutes. Ordered up new starter gear assembly and coil.

Pulled the air cleaner to get the top off.

1987 14 hp Sears and Craftsman.

OEM coil. This is now the 3rd coil set since I took ownership in about 1992.

How the starter assembly is SUPPOSED to look. Yes, I assembled it wrong. Put the spring under the black collar. The springs purpose in life is to push the plastic starting gear back down off the flywheel when the engine starts. The clip at top holding the spring in is a one time deal. And of course, I did it wrong. Sigh. This is what is should look like.

So now we're off the rodeo. Drilled 5/16" hole for 10-32 tap so I could put a 10-32 screw with head chopped off and slot cut in end so as to run the screw into the threads. Oh, why do all this? Because dumb-ass drove out the roll pin where it hit the ground and just poof disappeared into the either.

There it is, the dCarver of fixing stuff.

Happy to say it works great. Found out later a brand new starter is like 50 bucks. 

The end.


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