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2017-04-01 For Sale



Decided to buy a new tractor. Only need one, so the ~1992 870 John Deere has gotta go. S&W tractor out of Carson City, Nevada is selling me a brand new 50 hp Kioti. I mentioned to Stan I had an 870 and would he be interested in taking it back to his shop for repair work and resale? The answer was yes.

I promised to document all that I know is wrong with the 870. At the end of the day, total honesty is the best policy and I like to sleep good and night.

So here goes.

The hydraulic ram for the power steering is leaky. I have already purchased a repair kit from JD and the kit will go with the tractor. Also, the 'Z' 4-wd housing is leaking past the seal. It can be seen just above the serial number of the tie rod.

One hyd hose has slight weep.

The left arm got bent, has been heated and straightened. Functionally fine but a bit ugly to look at.

Front tires need replacement. The rear tires are near new.

A slight hyd leak coming from, I'm told by JD, a leaky fitting at the power steering pump. The fluid works up through the steering column and weeps out the rubber boot. The black console plastic and green in the transmission bell area need be removed to access the leak source. Or so I'm told.

1,930 hours.

The fuel gauge sometimes does, sometimes does not.


  1. Needs throw out bearing, possibly clutch. Hard to engage PTO gracefully. I bypassed safety switch so PTO spins at tractor start.
  2. Front tires worn. 
  3. Steering cylinder leaks.
  4. RHS front wheel drive leaky past seal. This is the 870 weak link. Typically, a larger diameter ball bearing is failing. 
  5. Hose from power steering pump small leak. Hyd fluid evident under steering wheel collar.
  6. Loader has small wear hole.
  7. 1930 hours. Engine slightly down on power from new.
  8. Box scraper mounting arms tweaked. LandPride 1572 IIRC.

Overall pics after a quick wash job.

Small wear hole in the bucket needs a patch welded in.

That's about it.

John Deere 870 Good Points

  • Rear tires nearly new, low hours.
  • Paint in good condition given 26 year old tractor.
  • Transmission strong, shifts easily, does not pop out of gear.
  • Box scraper blades in B+ condition. Relatively few hours since replacement.
  • Rear lift mechanism strong, no issues.
  • Factory service manual
  • Spare alternator (new)
  • Spare brake pedal (new)
  • Power steering cylinder repair seal kit (new)

So there it is. The good, the bad, and ugly.

Price comparisons:

I fully realize Stan at S&W needs a good price point in order to return a profit after parts and labor. I'm sure we will work out a value good for both of us.

The end.



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