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2017-05-27 Stator Swap KrZy8



Swapped the stator on KrZy8. Output voltage dropped to ~13.5 vdc no load.

2017-05-27 KrZy8 Stator Swap from dcarver220b on Vimeo.


Sending the old one off for rewind to Ricks Motorsport Electrics


Stator rebuild - surprised the winding is done by hand.



Spoke with Angela at Ricks. They have an FR1300 stator available. Here's the gig:

  1. Send failed unit with:
    1. My name, address
    2. Make, model, year
    3. Note of desired work (rebuild)

She stated they don't have connectors or grommets which is one reason they need the old part first. Interestingly enough, they *did* have a grommet for my 1979 KZ1300!

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