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2017-07-02 Leaky Oil Filter and Stuck Boss



First oil change. Oil filter on TIGHT. So tight the boss unscrewed from the adapter plate / block. Kioti was weeping engine oil with first filter. After 2nd installed, with oil on o-ring and properly torqued...same leak rate.

Oil draining. It's got two pans, each with drain plug. Drive line goes between pans. The bolts don't have much height for a wrench. Will replace.

The oil filter was T I G H T. The boss bolt came out with filter. It took two oil filter wrenches to get the bolt free from filter.
How many lb/ft of torque does the factory use, anyway?

Installed the new filter, carefully cleaning mating surfaces on boss/adapter plate, applied fresh oil to filter o-ring. Torqued filter properly. 2 hours later, the leak remains.
It must be coming from the adapter plate where it seals to the block. Or the adapter plate was warped due to excessive filter torque at factory installation.


  1. 16.5 hours first oil change
  2. 19.5 hours same leak rate
  3. This picture from original filter, but 2nd filter looks identical with regards to leak weepage 

Kioti should cover this under warranty. The problem is dealerships.. the closet is in Fresno/Bakersfield, 110 miles away. The selling dealer, a good shop, S&W Tractor in Carson City NV are even farther away.


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