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2017-07-03 Kioti Dash Lights Not Working



2017-07-03 Kioti Dash Lights Not Working

With almost 20 whopping hours on Miss Kioti now, I've been learning various lever positions. The most confusing is 4WD engaged or not. I got to thinking that MissK has so many other features.. why not 4WD indication? Turns out she does. It's just not working?

I have not seen, ever, any of the lights circled in red. I understand not seeing the other lights, like water in fuel, and what not.. but cruise PTO doesn't, Linked pedal doesn't, 4WD doesn't, and whatever the 'two thumbs up' either.

Here's an 11 second video..


KiotiInstLights from dcarver220b on Vimeo.


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