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2017-07-30 MontanaDeOro Pozo


2017-07-30 MontanaDeOro through Pozo

So then, it's been a HOT summer. 105, 106, 107 even. Clearly, a coast ride is needed to cool down. Headed west to Morro Bay then south into Los Osos.  

That's when it hit me. I've never explored Los Osos. Surely, it's the sewer by the sea (Los Ososians have been trying to get a sewer system in for years) that I've never seen. So instead of turning left, went right.

A view of the old PG&E Morro Bay power plant and the rock.

Panoramic shot.

Interesting area. Million dollar houses next to shacks.

State park Montana De Oro is just west and south of Los Osos.

Geology info.

And a warning too.

Nice and coolio at 68 degrees F.

Last shot. You can horseback ride, bicycle ride, or walk. No motobikes allowed off road.

Rode home through Pozo. Over a 40 degree temperature swing from the beach to the inland desert.


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