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2017-08-03 Tank Bag


2017-08-03 Tank Bag

Naomi needs a brand new tank bag, not some old piece of shit from KrZy8! Bought a Givi 15 liter from, 

  • Givi XS307 Tanklock Tankbag (Color: Black) (1)

I goofed on the first install. There is supposed to be an adapter ring which fits between the bag and gas cap mounting plate. Ended up calling Revzilla and the really friendly, nice, competent guy told me what I did wrong.

This is the gas cap ring.

..and the part number for the bike specific ring.

Found the adapter plate and mounted the bag. Ah CRAP. This is not going to work.

Looks goofy as all hell.

And the bars hit the bag on left and right even with the bag positioned fully to the rear.

This simply won't work.

Oh well.

Either I need a new style of fixed-mount bag or just run another magnetic bag and copious amounts of CarverTape.

This is a Fieldsheer, no longer available. The nice thing is this bag can be skooted to the side to allow full bar sweep and  not hit.

So, live and learn. Time to call Revzilla.


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