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2017-08-05 Admore Kit and Delay Relay


2017-08-05 Admore Kit and Delay Relay

Found a really neat multifunction, programmable, relay for cheap money. 

But first, here's the pile o' crap.

The Admore adapter kit. No need to cut into oem wiring...

Here's where it plug and plays. I don't know what the extra wires are for. I connected them into the harness then realized that wasn't correct. When disconnecting, the wire pulled out of the connector so a PosiTap used. And the wires are never hot...????

Source wires, meet load wires.


Topside look.

All covered up.

Last view.

The relay package.

The test results.. The relay manufacturer states up front that the oscillator is not all that precise.. so minor adjustment may be required. This is close enough!

Here's the timer configured as a flasher.. perhaps for brake lights?

2017-08-05 Delay Relay from dcarver220b on Vimeo.

And here configured as a delay relay.

2017-08-06 Delay Relay Test Rev 1 from dcarver220b on Vimeo.

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