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2017-12-13 Barries Boyz -Local Ride - LongBranch


2017-12-13 Barries Boyz- Local Ride - Long Branch

Hard to believe it's mid December based upon the weather. Chilly in the AM, 28F in Paso Robles, 45F in Santa Margarita where we are to meet up for a local ride with 'Barries Boyz'. This group of retirees rides mid-week and Saturdays to avoid traffic on Sundays.

Lots of construction delays on hiway 41 from Creston to Atascadero, so back-sided into Santa Margarita and paid $3.79. Worth every penny.

Of all the peeps to show up, Clement Salvadori! Great to see Clem again; last time was at lake San Antonio at an airhead meetup.

BTW - the Porch Cafe has good food. I had a $6 breakfast burrito. Tasty and filling. Gotta love SloDave and the Santa hat!

Shell Creek road part 1.

SCR part two. Headed into Shandon then back to Creston.

The newly re-opened LongBranch. Good service, very good burger, a nice alternative to the LoadingChute.

I road backwoods to avoid construction delays, Barrie and some of the hoodlums were heading to Atascadero for pie or someting?

That's about it for this ride. Thanks again, Sir Barrie!

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