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2018-01-18 Naomi Ride Post Farkling


Some peeps judge moments by family. That's cool. But for some reason. I remember time by motobikes. In 79 I bought a KZ1300 6 cylinder. 74 was a TT550. 91  an FLHTCU.

So why do I not recall when I bought Naomi from Beemer Don's, Don Stanley? I can look. But Don is gone. And it's been a long road for Naomi to come into a long distance Candy Butt Rider. 

But she is closer now, almost 18 months later. Approximate time line. I'm not good with calendars. And I took my time on Naomi. Do it once, do it right. I'll have complete farkle info later. For now, the first ride post-farkling.

I am taking her to Kal Off Road Racing to re-enforce the ClearWater Lights experiment, sponsored by me, by running Sevina's on top and Darla's on the bottom. Yes. I had custom brackets made to run Darla's bottom-side. Don't ask ClearWater for them.

So here we go.

Sevina's on top. Darla's on bottom.

I admit, I trailered Naomi to the street. Finally, the county decided to water/grade the 3 mile dirt road and it was a quagmire.
I like Beemer Don's Bear. It will stay.

So much work. Hours. Wire it once. Not good enough. Do it again. And Again. This bike is clean. Solid. Ready for CBA use.

Well, except for those damn-ass heavy Sevina's. They rattle like a steppled on snake. So off to Kal Off Road.

Yep. Trailer Queen.

This will be my last FJR.

Proudly representing Don Stanley, BeemerDon's, JSNF!

I'll keep you posted with the Sevina bracket re-enforcements.

Tx for following along....




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