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2018-01-20 KrZy8 Local


Transition times. Naomi at Kal Off Road for mirror augemtation. KZ1300 and ATK at Rays for some loving. Damn good thing I still gots KrZy8 to ride.. JSNS.

With all of Naomi's farkling, even KrZy8 gets some love. New tank bag. New tires. Not yet installed but waiting in inventory.. New TPS, air box, starter motor. She still has a strong parasitic draw that I need to figure out.. but for now, battery tender every night and all is good. Sometimes. Bandaids are enough.

My first goal was to see if CycleGear in San Luis Obispo had any good winter jackets. I've been wearing Tim's, (TwoWheelNuts) jacket for many seasons now, and it's about worn  out. I like to support local shops.. But all CG had was BILT crap. New, and threads already showing, fraying. No. I'll wait. 

This is Turri road, off of Los Osos Valley Road, westbound from San Luis Obispo to Morro Bay. It's a fun road, short, but fun.

Many a farm, even just a short distance from the 'big' city of San Luis Obispo. I read it was ranked in the top quartile of places of live. BS. Too much $$$.

Then again, it IS Jan 20 and I'm riding a mighty FJR with 227k on the clock. So who am I to argue? The new to me knee is getting more comfortable as time passes to ride the FJR. The FJR has a fairly steep flexion degree knee requirement. Today, my lower back hurt more than the knee so all is as it should be...

Sometimes I'm happy to ride a fat and old FJR. Pretty sure if I was on a pure sportbike or high power KTM.. I'd be in jail.

Really, January 20th? BTW, you are running out of time to buy me a really nice birthday present. So order that Ducati NOW!

That is the Pacific Ocean ahead.

Heading towards Morro Bay campground. Los Osos to the left.

Morro Rock.

HiWay 1, northbound. Ahead is Cayucous, San Simeon. But the 1 is closed, so I'll head inland and dance the curves..

Old Creek road runs form Hiway 1 to HiWay 46. She's a delight.

I like winter riding. Trees are bare, naked, and beautiful.

Take a moment. Look at this magnficient tree. Cut out for tall vehicles, she grows. Tall and beautiful. I like.

Last pic for today. This is off HiWay 46, looking south to Morro Bay. Look close, you can see Morro Rock.

That's it for this RR. KrZy8 ran great except when she got hot and what I presume is the TPS failing. She was surging at idle, 1200 to 1800 rpm, and uncertain. I have a new TPS and will get to it when I can. 

For now, a wonderful little winter ride with a new to me knee and a very old, high mileage girl. Love that KrZy8. She just fits me.

The end.



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