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2018-04-04 BarriesBoyz South County Ride

2018-04-04 BarriesBoyz South County Ride

My first post-retirement Wednesday ride with BarriesBoyz!

The route

South county ride today. Meet at Chevron, Arroyo Grande. Barrie, the human GPS, arrives.

Today's ride. 3 north county peeps, and Barrie representing the south county.  SuperTenere, FJr1300, and a couple of Bavarians..

166 East bound, stuck behind a truck. Not for long though...

166 East bridge.

Early AM fog cleared up as we traveled eastbound.

Tepesquey canyon.

Don. Frugal Don. Cheap-Assed Don. LOL. RTV'd riding gear, and he proudly displayed his brake pads that weren't... Used a file on the rear rotor with bike in gear to 'machine' the surface!

Brian. Good rider, lucky man. 2 German marques, the other a K1600.

Tepesquet to Foxen Canyon to 154 to Cold Spring Tavern. 

Lots of high dollar wineries and houses..

Gotta say it.. sure beats working..

Weather was perfect! A little chilly, to just right to a little warm. Then back to chilly. Heated gear helps.

Cold Springs Tavern.

A bit dark. Barrie used his cell phone flashlight to read the menu. Cracked me up.

Don contemplates the 'extra spicy' chilli he ordered.

When we went inside, not to many peeps. After eating, the joint was packed. On a Wednesday!

Getting ready to leave. We decided to not make a U turn here and risk falling over in front of a hostile audience... LOL

Santa Rosa road, west of Buellton.

Pretty part of the country to live..

Last pic. Riding north on Harris Grade.

That's pretty much it! Another 15 minutes or so we stopped, said goodbyes'. 

230 miles on the day, gotta fix a sticky throttle on KrZy8!



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