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2008-11-13 Starcomm cables


Posted 13 November 2008 - 08:39 PM

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Edit 2: Add Radar Cable

Edit 3: Add unknown Cable

Ever wonder what StarCom1 cable is in your hand?

Input, Output, Radar, etc? They aren't marked...

I recently was fortunate enough to have Jeff, from, hook me up with a conference call to Andy, master tech at StarCom1 in England to help diagnose a multiple-issue problem. You tell me, when was the last time you got this kind of support from a vendor? clapping.gifclapping.gifclapping.gif for Jeff!

Here is a typical 'Output Cable'. This would be the one that connects your radar detector to your StarCom1. I'll edit this post later with the actual StarCom1 part number, e.g. Cab35, etc. numbers.

And here is an 'Input Cable'. It typically is used to connect the Zumo 550 'MIC' connection to the StarCom1 'Phone' connection allowing you to transmit audio via Bluetooth from phone via StarCom1.

Since we're on the topic, StarCom1 has made big improvements in their cable construction:

On top is the old cable, note how the Transformer only has 'heat shrink' to protect it from the elements. This where mine failed when it got wet. I taped it up carefully with electrical tape, but it still failed.

The bottom cable is new. Much better.

Also, StarCom1 is now providing right angled connectors for both ends of the cable.. New cable on top, old on bottom.


Usual disclaimer.. No affiliation with BikeEffects, StarCom1, etc. Just a happy customer.


Here is the Radar Cable. Note the subtle difference in the 3 element jack connection.

Unknown StarCom cable:

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Posted 14 November 2008 - 01:46 PM

Those cables would be MUS-04 and MIC-01.

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