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2007-09-17 (OrangevaleFJR) FODS I


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...The after action report Ten people in the Sierra camping with dual sports

Posted 17 September 2007 - 07:50 AM

The cast:


What is FODS?

FJR Owners Dual Sport Gathering as can be seen here: Click for FODS thread

First of all, to everyone, thanks for coming and contributing to the fun and friendship. I had a blast!!! I look forward to the next FODS (assuming I can make it). After all, we don't own this name...FODS can be anywhere with anyone. Even twenty miles up a jeep trail.

The fact is that the dirt road that we rode in on certainly has it's challenging parts to it and it was in rougher shape than when I went up it earlier in the year. Tim got is Vstrom in there without a tip over so I guess it wasn't over his head. Good riding! I know there were points on the ride where I was thankful to have my DRZ instead of a KLR, much less a Strom. I ended up impressed with what those bikes can do!

I also learned a lot about riding my DRZ. I learned how to jump!!! That's a good thing. It makes going over big bumps a lot more fun and actually easier.

Special thanks go out to Paul (Evil_Henchman). I don't think anyone here will disagree that his contribution to the fun was huge. We all agree, Paul has to be at every FODS! yahoo.gif

Some of us (not me) were willing to pack everything on a bike and rough it; making food a secondary concern. It didn't end up that way. Diced watermelon, smores (kind of), sliced mango, potato and onion scramble for breakfast, steak and salmon with garlic potatoes for dinner all added up to quite the comfortable culinary experience.

Special thanks to Uberkul and Christy for carrying all my stuff and also bringing Cindy along and for cooking that dinner! Tim...the potatoes were awesome!

The riding. Did we do any of that? Honestly, yes, we did. Not much. We mostly sat around the campfire and swapped, or listened to stories. It was a great time of people getting to know each other. I heard IBR stories, hunting stories, riding stories but nobody shared any ghost stories. I guess times change wink.gif

I took no pictures. WHAT?!?!?! I was having some much fun I didn't want to interrupt it with photography. Also, carrying a camera through dirt bike riding isn't a great idea unless you have a dust proof carrying method. However I saw several cameras pulled out and used during the event and I look forward to those pictures. I suppose I could take a picture of a certain bottle of...nevermind. laugh.gif

I'm gonna shut up now and wait for other comments and pictures and discussion to come out of this. I look forward to seeing ALL of you again!

"Riding Moto-Bike is great fun, I want to hear the stories, I'll never come close to many of these wonderful accomplishments, but I love to hear the stories, I love to dream ...these extremes capture my imagination. Amazing feats." -- RenoJohn|We all live our amazing stories from our perspective and when I read a good story with a good feeling about a bike, I get it.|Watch your temper, I have cows! try me
Twowheelnut post--

Posted 17 September 2007 - 08:37 PM

FODS, The First, 2007:

Andrew had an idea… “Hey, lots of us have dual sports and adventure tourers, so why not do a DS/AS ride?”

Capitol idea, Sir Andrew! Let’s, shall we? So, on the 15th of September, 2007, a new event was born…

I give you some pictures of the entire, bloody affair sans actual shots of us riding. The thick, moto-generated dust would simply tear up our delicate digitals and really wasn’t worth the risk.

The plan was to meet in the parking lot and ride into the camp site at Meadow Lake, a PG&E reservoir, then ride the surrounding roads. Easy, yes? No! blink.gif Andrew’s pre-run had the roads in much better condition and although the dual sports had little trouble navigating the boulder strewn trails, the larger and heavier adventurer tourers were severely challenged. So were the noob riders, namely yours truly. I never navigated such terrain and had a few too many close calls, yet I never dumped my Lil’ Pepe, and it pulled me through despite my many miscues. Great bike, my Wabs! wub.gif

Dougc followed our little group in his 4 x 4 truck and how he got through and over some of those roads is a mystery to me! So bad were these roads that the violence actually dislodged his Honda’s tie-downs – twice! omg.gif He rolled into camp with the poor thing listing heavily to port as the two starboard tie-downs finally gave up and let go for good.

Making camp, we found Evil already there and all of the camp details were handled by him. Great guy, that Evil! More on that later… Now for some pictures!

Highlander assumes the position after the exhausting ride (he did it in and out to meet the morning crew!):

Doug, Andrew and Uber (Brad) discussing the afternoon ride:

Tired horses:


Andrew cooks up some stew for lunch:

My woefully under-classed Wabs and it’s dusty patina:

ZZzzzzzzzzzzzz… Dave and Steve caught napping:

Reno ‘No Street Pussies’ John graced us with a brief visit. Nice to see you, buddy!:

Can we go ride now?! Huh? Can we, can we?!!!!

Gratuitous camp shots:

Meadow Lake :

Hiker Dave:


Tall tales begin:

The Axe man cometh:

Take that, you, you, you piece of wood, you!:

Leaning Tower of DRZ:

The Mother Ship, Paul’s (Evil Henchman) camper and lifesaver:

More rides:

Story telling – no politics, though!: laugh.gif

Mr. and Mrs. Uberkul. I think she’s saying, “Oh, damn! Not this story again?!”



Posted 17 September 2007 - 08:39 PM


“No! Really, the fish will be okay! We’re professionals!”:

The bluestreaks, Cindy and Steve:


“Well, if it wasn’t for that tremendous funk that Iggy was emitting, I woulda finished!”

This guy absolutely rocked! Paul went above and beyond the call of duty… besides setting up the camp with the rangers, securing the permits, cooking breakfast, offering shelter for the weak of camping, providing auxiliary lighting and cooking stoves, he also brought an extra bike for the use of anyone who asked! Paul, my friend, you have raised the bar for hospitality and kindness! My hat’s off to you!

In the end, kudos to Andrew for setting up this ride and to the rest of you for letting me tag (way behind!) along. Great company, great times, great riding! When is the next one?!



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