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2007-06-04 TWN Yosemite Run, 2007 Highlander plans another beauty!


Posted 04 June 2007 - 07:05 PM

Ah, California... Love this joint! Anyway, here's some photos with brief commentary:

Saturday morning at the White Crap Inn:

In line for Yosemite:

You'll see more of this rock:

Break time:

At the Inn on the Valley floor:

Gettin' my Ansel Adams on:

We were under the speed limit - for once!


Not a bad view out the hotel in Mammoth, eh?

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Posted 04 June 2007 - 07:13 PM

Mono Lake:

Midway, Highlander's most excellent speed run. The Wee weezed, but kept it's eyeball on the pack the whole time!

Hmmmm, a new Porsche?

Gen. Sherman's Pass Road through southern Sequoia National Park. Love this area!

Gratuitous shot of the Big Ugly:

1096 miles of good friends, fine machines and spectacular roads! Thanks all!

The End

Edit: I finally found my dream route going home. Some may remember that I labeled Hwy 36, the 'Mother of all Motorcycle Roads'. Well, I just found (re-found, actually) Daddy. I say this only inasmuch as I will be posting up an overnight ride for the early fall that will include this road. We'll start and end in the greater Bakersfield area, so Northies and Southies will be able to make it. This will be a Double Black Diamond run and will not be for the faint of heart or pillions. Stay tuned. wink.gif

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Posted 04 June 2007 - 07:37 PM

QUOTE(IndianaTom @ Jun 4 2007, 07:35 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

nice camera, I like the wide format. Model?

Oh, and the photos are nice too.

Canon, S3 IS. It's virgin trip too, hence the over exposure on some shots. O'vale/JG, I ain't. sad.gif

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Posted 05 June 2007 - 11:51 PM

Great people to ride with and to get drunk with (separately). Friday started in Auburn at Katrinas with the other previously named work slackers. On to West Point to add the half day working UberKuls before finding the always working Jeff, aka Bike Effects, aka "the candyman", in Angels Camp.

yahoo.gif Uncrowded Foothill Roads in the morning:

sad.gif H-D Accident scene in the afternoon:

I didn't get any pics of the spirited riding south of Sonora. But after seeing a motorcycle accident set up from an ill timed lapse in attention, and then see it happen in my rear view mirror, it was good to get to Fish Camp, the gathering, the adult beverages and the bull-shitting. Dinner ordering was "interesting".

Bull-shitting [size=1](note Harley renting Germans in background wishing they could ride a "real bike")


Robin's Refreshment Givi:

We met an interesting guy on a ZX-14 who was just back from Iraq and on the homeward leg of his trip toward Chicago to take college entrance exams. As I rode through the park, I couldn't help but imagine that the scenery he was taking in (and photographing) was a huge improvement from that sandy place he recently left. We ran into him 4 different times through the park, and waved goodbye as he headed north in Lee Vining to Carson City.

The views from the road on Saturday just did not quit:

Alcohol and pizza fueled Saturday night's dinner party in the Highlander Suite. The previous night's attendees (Orangevale, Toecutter and Eve, C-dogman and Kenra) who were absent were missed. Still, we didn't let it affect our appetites or our alcohol consumption. (BTW, unlike the dining experience at Fish Camp, Saturday's dinner hosts served alcohol, . . . and . . . the pizza and salad was on time, whichever topping you preferred.)

Sunday, I didn't get to breakfast on time (but had already eaten my usual backpackers breakfast). When I discovered the breakfast venue, there was a line stacking up after everyone else was seated, so I took off, figuring I'd probably see some of the group somewhere along the route home. I took some side trips along the route for nostalgic reasons, and assumed that probably no one else would be interested in my dawdling there, so I headed north on 395. My first detour was the June Lake loop. Later, I climbed up to Virginia Lakes, and then in Bridgeport, headed left through range land out to Twin Lakes.

Twin Lakes:

Twin Lakes Road:

From there I went north to Topaz to gas up before taking Monitor to a late lunch in Markleeville. 88 West to Morman Emigrant Trail to Pleasant Valley Road before turning north to get to Lotus Road and 49 home.

Posted 06 June 2007 - 02:28 PM

Here,s a few that I took

SportBikeffects AKA The Candy Man


Myself and better half

Growing old sucks but its better than the alternative








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