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2017-07-08 Relay Info (Fan, Headlight, Brodie Ignition)



Chasing an electrical issue on KrZy8.. Noticed only had one spare Mouser bought relay, cm1-D-12V. No biggie, get buy some more.
No Sir.
Obsolete part. Digi-Key, Allied, Mouser.. Apparently around March 2015 this model w/diode deceased.
OBTW, the -D- means with clamping diode (prevents induced voltages being applied to bikes electrical system when the coil de-energizes).
Noticed that model CM1a-R-12V is available. With resistor. Ordered 5. Will report back.
That is all.
Just FYI.
..and - Mouser and Digi-Key have the same price for both the fan relay and the 'Brodie' relay. Both sites have similar checkout mechanisms. Would not be surprised at all if both sites are the same parent company..
For the record -
Fan relay part number - 

  • Mfr CM1A-R-12V
  • Digi-Key - 255-3729-ND
  • Price - 4.68 USD

Brodie ignition harness part number -

  • Mfr CB1AH-12
  • Digi-Key - 255-2082-ND
  • Price - 6.82 USD

That's all I know.


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I believe that this TE Connectivity part may be equivalent:




Mouser has them as well as onlinecomponents. They should be Micro ISO base, 1 form C contacts, 12VDC coil with diode.


Here's the data sheet:

Appreciate the help... Yah done good!

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