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2013-05-05 Engine Rebuild



FjRay stopped by on the way to the Gathering of the Clans, 2013, and picked up a box o' parts to rebuild a Honda Xr600 Engine.
Just thought you might be interested to see what the guts of a 600cc air cooled Honda looks like, circa 1987.

Back in the day, when I turned 30, I started MX, just for fun, with the Over the Hill Gang. All serious competitors ran 2-stroke based motobikes, but I was in L O V E with 4-stroke engine and so purchased and bought a Horst Leitner inspired state of the art 4-stroke motobike. 

I raced that bike for 3+ years, and fought reliability issues w/ 2nd gear and had to split cases and rebuild about every 5th race weekend or so. 
Translation, I had lots of parts. 

Restoring that bike, I found a used transplant engine.. but always wanted to get the hot-rod engine back together, although slightly de-tuned for reliability. The parts you see below are from that 'era' and some/most are high dollar shit and/or NOS. Sure am glad I have some of those parts now - they are unobtainable.

I really look forward to Ray completing this project engine and having it back in the ATK - now street licensed, as a reliable, fun, dual sport machine.

I'm not going to add much text to pix.. so just enjoy if so inclined.. 

Oil pump rotors.

Wrist pin.. it's toast.

Got manuals?



Well, that's it. 
I'm beat-down tired and this will have to do for now.


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