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2016-06-11 TroubleShooting Over Heating


2016-06-11 TroubleShooting Over Heating

After the first ride, with subsequent water puking, I finally have time to troubleshoot why she's overheating. My first thought is, hopefully something simple. Like a stuck thermostat. Or spring under t-stat missing. And not something like a clogged water passage in the head. Or not enough radiator volume given the first-overbore. 

So here goes.

Barn-door fairing, radiator, fan, removed. I like the look. Just might make her a naked bike. Wish I could relocate the radiator too. 

Another issue, for a later day, is the leaky tachometer drive. I have a new assembly. For now, I'm trying to get to the T-stat.


My thought is that by removing  this upper housing I can remove the T-stat. Just like on a 225 slant-6 Valiant. Yeah, just like that.

In the meantime, how about some header porn?

Oooh, uh, I can't think!

So then, as any KZ1300 tech knows, and now so do I, the T-stat comes out from the bottom, not the top. So I gave up and BBQ'd some chicken before I did something stupid.

The end.

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