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2016-06-18 Alt Leak Fixed and Horn Placement?


Sure is nice to have some time to work on motobikes..

Thinking that the overheating issue might be solved, I moved onto where to place the loud-assed horns and attempting to fix a slight oil leak coming from the RHS alternator. Yes, this KZ1300 two alternators.

The horns were originally placed behind the fairing, on the stay. While they ARE loud, that location only scared the shit out of me. I'm going to try here, and be creative with the wiring.

I kind of like the look. The horns weigh next to nothing, I'm not worried about the additional unsprung weight.

The other side doesn't look as good, but is good enough. Up close shot.

Further away shot.

On to leak repair. It was leaking past the rubber grommet at bottom. I'm pretty sure that part is not available.

Given the amount of silicone on one of the bolts, it looks like the engine builder had trouble sealing it too.

Cleaned everything up and carefully reassembled. Time will tell. Did NOT start the bike to allow curing time. Should have done this with bike on side stand to keep oil off the sealing surfaces. Oh well.

Some delaminating occurring on the flywheel.. Not sure what to do about that. be continued 

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