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2017-11-26 Virgin Knee First Ride


2017-11-26 First Ride on Virgin Knee

October 13 2017 I had a full knee replacement, right. Rehab hasn't gone as well as I expected, I have 2-3 KLICKS when the leg moves forward, and one very obnoxious KLACK on the return. The surgeon and two physical therapists say it will go away with time.. but for now it just suck.

So, at 44 days later, it's time to klick-klack and get on the bike. Just Ride.

Before hand, I practiced mounting the bike while on center stand then dismounting on side stand. The  most difficult manuver is center stand, swinging the leg up and over the top box places alot of side pressure on the new joint.

HeeHee. I'm actually doing this thing...

Weapon of choice today is WABS, a DL650 Suzuki. At 72,374 she just have valves adjusted, a DL1000 shock installed.

So 3 miles into it,... Tears of Happiness. Not ashamed. 

Decided to ride into Templeton, CA via back roads. Not sure how long I'll last, don't want to be caught too far from home should the knee start swelling.

It's late November, temps are in the high 60's F to mid 70's.

Entering Templeton, CA.

Note to riders.. .this is a good eatery.

Templeton is a curious  mix of old and new, but with old school charm.

Yet another good steak house.

The old grainery; still in operation.

Hewitt Hardware, an icon. Inside it's jam packed.

The park; farmers market every Saturday.

Church. - a place for developmentally challenged adults to learn skills. It's a restaurant.

Cool house and fire station.

Visual candy everywhere in Templeton.

Another shot of AJ Spurs.

An otherwise abandoned house used once every year for Haloween trickery.

North now into Paso Robles; The Pass of the Oaks and Whoville waits for you.

WABS is the perfect PT bike. On forward pegs, leg fully extended. On passenger pegs, at maximum to me flexion. On rider pegs, nice and roomy, much more than on an FJR. Bar risers and custom seat complete the package.

Northwest of Paso Robles, Naciamento Lake.

Looks like somebody 'failed to negotiate the corner!'.

Up to the lake then back-tracked a few miles to head further West.

Not like back East, but we do have *some* colors.

Many of the back roads are in a state of disrepair. Our liberal governor just raised gasoline taxes in the middle of the night with the promise of new roads.

And YES, a barn for Andrew, OrangevaleFJR.

Speaking of dead guys.. sorry Andrew, but you chose a permanent solution to a temporary problem, per ToeCutter. This is the Adeilaida cemetery. It's rumored to be haunted.

Of course the nuclear atom caught my attention. I wonder how he served, his job?

A very long time ago. This helps put things into proper persective. 

His and Her's bathrooms!

Looking back at Wabs.

Outhouse(s) to the left, a 'waiting room to the right. It's not readily apparent how many folks are resting here visually. Yet the list is long, evidenced by names behind the glass.

There's an upper level too. I didn't walk it... too to far. Maybe later when fully healed. It's always good to have some reason to return.

This headstone cracked me up.. 'Not your average old Biddy'.

Wabs waits, impatiently.

One last look, and it's time to go. The best way to mount is pulling the leg up and directly over the seat. No side angles using that technique.

This is vineyard country. I don't like them. They are draining the aquafier faster than it can be filled. I will give them this; in fall they are pretty to look at.

A historical marker installed by E Clampus Vitus. TURBODAVE!

Check out the doors to the 'garage' area. 

Along with grapes, olive trees are also being planted.

Many of the vineyards are run by major corporations and not the Mom and Pop image the industry presents. Multimillion dollar buisnesses who have essentially purchased the local governments and officials. On the other hand, this is the prettiest metal gate I've seen in a long time.

I rode 3 dirt roads this ride. Why? Because. I. Can.

Of course, even an FJR could take these roads!

This family has a good gig going on. They open for produce sales in the summer.

..and someone is very creative too. I like the little yellow trailer.

And check this race tractor out. Two V8's thunder through straight stacks and the chassis runs on narrow wheels to reduce friction.

Have you noticed the connecting rod wheel construction?

Where did all these con rods come from? How many engines did this artist kill to create the project?

Almost home now. One tree on the hill. The last one or perhaps first and only?

The last picture. This is a working barn, and is maintained. It's good to see some peeps show the old barns love.

My route.

Today was a Champion Day. The knee did just fine, too. I actually 'planted' the foot, purposely, to see what would happen. No problem. Truthfully, the lower back hurt more than the knee. It's weird though... when the leg is extended and boot on forward peg, I can feel the 'slop' in the knee joint. All in all, a stellar day. 

Thanks for riding along!

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